Paradise Kids

About Us   

Paradise Kids is a children's charity founded by Deirdre Hanna and Rev. Dr Ian Mavor OAM, who both believed in the need to to help children dealing with grief and loss through illness, separation and trauma. The first Paradise Kids group was held in 1996, since then, various programs have been developed and implemented to successfully help countless children and their families. Paradise Kids is located at 88 Allied Drive in Arundel on the Gold Coast and provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for both children and their parents. Over the years Paradise Kids has formed many partnerships, working closely with schools, community groups, police and other not for profits to ensure vulnerable children get the help they need and deserve.

What We Do

Paradise Kids aims to heal the heartache. This emphasis on 'heart work' means we take a holistic approach to address all aspects of the child: body, mind and spirit. We believe that this offers solid life skills allowing the child to move forward in life with the ability to face the future through the understanding of their feelings, the restoration of confidence and resilience to sustain them in times of change. Primary among these skills is a growth in empathy towards others, and the ability to be aware of and express their own feelings in healthy and creative ways. Our specialised programs are run throughout the year over the four school terms. While the children are attending their program, parents and caregivers have their own support groups available. Parents and caregivers gain knowledge and understanding whilst being strengthened and refreshed which is vitally important. Our programs and services have been developed to strengthen parent/child relationships and care for families during a hard part of their life journey. 

Our People

Paradise Kids have highly trained professional leaders, staff and dedicated volunteers who deliver personal counselling and children's groups that deal with serious existential issues in a fun and caring environment to ensure each child receives individualised support and care. Each child is assigned a "buddy" that will form a connection with their child whilst applying these interventions and empowering them to move on in life through reminding them they are strong and powerful with wise and creative inner resources that can be applied when needed. Paradise Kids ensures the skills and character of our people through training and up­-skilling of staff, volunteers and social work students.

Our Mission

Paradise Kids "helps heal the heartache" of children and families dealing with grief, loss or illness by providing support groups, counselling and educational programs that focus on learning from the painful experience so that those involved gain life skills and new confidence to meet future challenges.

Our Values

 Respect * Integrity * Authenticity * Growth