Our Ambassadors

Pk Ambassador - Betty VaggelasAmbassador, Betty Vaggelas

A long-term resident of the Gold Coast, Betty has been interested in the work of Paradise Kids for many years. This has led her to donate substantial funds required to construct the Paradise Kids Building located in Arundel. 

“It has been my vision to provide a place where families with sick children can come and stay on the Gold Coast. I want them to be able to have fun and to enjoy this beautiful place. While they are here, Paradise Kids will be able to support the sick child and to assist other family members in dealing with the painful experience of having a child with a long-term or terminal illness. I encourage others to support the work of Paradise Kids so they can ‘help heal the heartache.” - Betty Vaggelas


Ambassador, Luke Harrison

Our Paradise Kids Young Ambassador, Luke Harrison is a gifted Singer, Songwriter and Actor. At the tender age of 13, Luke already has a number of exceptional performances as an impressive list of accomplishments, including the release of his original song - Heaven’s Song. Luke’s goal is to touch lives around the world with his gift of voice, music and performing, he also wants to use the platform he has been given to provide hope and encouragement for his peers going through big changes from traumatic experiences. As Ambassador, Luke will head our Angel Squad by encouraging young people to get involved and "pay it forward" to children who need our help. 

“It is an absolute honour to be appointed the Young Ambassador of Paradise Kids and the Angel Appeal. Paradise Kids is a magnificent charity that aims to ‘Heal the Heartache’ supporting children physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually after trauma. I am passionate about this cause and excited to play a key role in increasing the awareness of Paradise Kids within both the community and amongst my peers and the general public alike. As Ambassador I will dedicate my time to increase fundraising support for Paradise Kids ... speaking at events and personally offer support to the children at Paradise Kids and also to the residents of Hopewell Hospice, which is very close to my heart.” - Luke Harrison

For more on Luke Harrison, please visit his website