Our Angels

Paradise Kids Angel Choir 

Each year Paradise Kids put together an Angel Choir. During the Christmas period our Angels delight many with their performances. If you would like to learn to sing, sign up for our Angel Choir. There will be opportunities to sing carols and songs at many Christmas events around the coast that help us raise vital funds for Paradise Kids. Angels are 'messengers
of love’
and that’s why the children are dressed as Angels. Our Angels help 'pay the love forward' to other children each year, 'helping heal the heartache'. Elisa James is a wonderful voice coach and we are very fortunate to have her. Leading up to
our live performances you first receive voice coaching from Elisa. 

  Our Requirements 

  • Be a boy or girl aged between 7 and 16, with a love for singing especially Christmas Carols.
  • Commitment and availability for rehearsals and performances.
  • Caregivers OK and commitment to transport you to and from rehearsals and performances.
  • $150 per child to cover professional vocal performance coaching by Elisa James.
  • Willingness to perform publicly and ability to provide a white outfit and own shoes.
  • Costume Accessories will be provided by Paradise Kids. (wings * sash * halo)

For Information about our Angel Choir please contact us:
Phone: (07) 5574 6853
Elisa James:





Elisa James

Elisa is a highly skilled and trained voice coach and presenter with a Masters in Vocal Pedagogy (Qld Conservatorium) Master of Science (USA) and more. We are privileged to have Elisa as a trained Grief and Loss Buddy and Choir Director for the Paradise Kids Angel Choir. Elisa offers personal Voice Coaching onsite at Paradise Kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please contact her or visit her website HAPS Voice Pro for more information and to make a booking. 


Our International Choir Work

Elisa and Deirdre travelled to Samoa to work with the children in the Shelters at the Campus of Hope. They taught the children 'The Paradise Kids Way' of dealing with grief and loss issues: to accept the reality of the big loss in their lives, feel the feelings in safe ways, adjust to a new life in a shelter instead of in their own homes at least until their court cases are heard, and relocate their family in their hearts and minds to release trauma. The program included: music, yoga, dance, singing, art and poetry. They also provided a Resilience Program and A Choir of Hope was formed. Dee and Elisa presented the principles of trauma work to Police and Ambulance Officials.