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Deirdre Hanna, Founder of Hopewell Hospice and Paradise Kids, is also a writer of children’s books. Deirdre has penned eight books to help children understand and deal with aspects of grief. Copies can be printed to order for $10.00 each plus $3.00 per book for postage or $5.00 postage for two books. 

Some of the books have been developed in two versions, either for girls or for boys, or to focus on different causes of death.


Book Titles and Subject: 

1. Henry’s Dream * Dealing with Nightmares
2. Where’s My Dad * Dealing with the death of a Parent
3. Marmalade Clown is Back in Town * Death of a Sibling and Family Relocation
4. Missing Patrick * Trauma from Loss through Natural Disasters
5. There’s an Angel in My Thought Garden * The Work of Byron Katie, for Girls
6. There’s a Pterodactyl in My Thought Garden * The Work of Byron Katie, for Boys
7. Nobody’s Home * Death of a Parent, and Living in Foster Care

A Book Preview: 

“Marmalade Clown is Back in Town,” normalizes the grief process in children when overt changes, such as moving house, moving schools or the loss of a pet, bring up unresolved grief issues or complicated grief. In this story, Gabrielle Brown is having strong feelings over the many changes in her life. She is also grieving the death of her brother who died when he was six. Gabrielle is about to turn six, and has a natural fear of dying at the same age as no explanations have been given as to why her brother died because her parents were grieving too and dealing with many changes. This story is full of hope that life continues with love in unexpected ways.

For more information and to purchase a book, please contact Deirdre Hanna.

Phone: (07) 5574 6853