CCPT Buddy Training

CCPT Buddy Training

T.B.A. | 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Location: Training Room, Paradise Kids Building
Presented By: Tomoko Sakai

Offered: 2020
Duration: T.B.A. 
PK Placement Students & PK Buddies: FREE
Inclusions: Course Materials & Refreshments
Prerequisites: Completion of Grief & Loss Buddy Training 

CCPT Buddy training is especially for those wanting to work with children aged 2 to 5 years by being a buddy in our Child-Centred Play Therapy Group on Thursday Mornings. You must have first completed our Grief and Loss Buddy Training and be actively working as a PK Buddy to be considered for CCPT Buddy Training. 

Child-Centred Play Buddies are trained to trust that children are capable of directing their own process rather than having ideas of what the child needs to do in therapy, imposed on them. Child-Centred Play Therapy requires the therapist to enter the emotional world of the child rather than expecting the child to understand the therapist’s world. CCPT Buddies are trained to respond emphatically to children’s feelings, build children’s self-esteem, help children learn self-control and self-responsibility.

If you have completed all the required training, cleared to work with children and are actively participating as a PK Buddy please contact our Senior Counsellor, Tomoko Sakai for more and to register your interest for our next CCPT Training sessions. 

Tomoko Sakai, CCPT Trainer

Phone: (07) 5625 1900