Be a Male Role Model

Male Role Models for the Boys' Group

Working with Boys in a Group setting aged 8 to 11 
Fridays | 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm 

Availability: Once a term (4 times a year)
Duration: 1 day per week over 6 weeks
Requirements: Blue Card & Police Check (provided by Paradise Kids) 

Our Boys' Group requires Male Role Models. Paradise Kids believes that it is very important for boys to interact with kind-hearted men of high integrity. It is how a boy learns to become a good man. Each week, the boys participate in activities that challenge them to grow in self-control and earn trust through the power of keeping their word. The boys learn strategies and skills for dealing with conflict in a non-aggressive manner. The Boys' Group is fun and active, brimming with activities. 

The men who work with the boys come from all areas of life and include tradesmen, professionals, students as well as men who have retired. What they do have in common is personal integrity and a commitment to supporting boys to grow into good men. The men model a form of masculinity that demonstrates strength, integrity, compassion and respect. 

We are looking for mature minded men from all walks of life to model a form of masculinity that demonstrates strength, integrity, compassion and respect while working in a group setting with boys, aged 8 to 11. 

2019 Term Dates:

  • Term 1 | 15th February to 22nd March
  • Term 2 | 3rd May to 8th June 
  • Term 3 | 26th July to 30th August
  • Term 4 | 18th October to 22nd November

Our Volunteering Process

Initially, all enquiries about volunteering go to our Volunteer Coordinator, Margo Amundsen. Margo works on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings so please give her a call or email her to discuss volunteering with us. The next step is to come to Paradise Kids and have an Informal Interview with Margo. During this interview she will explain: 

  • The structure of the organisation and all the services provided;
  • The areas of volunteering available;
  • The requirements before starting;
  • The mandatory training.

Margo will then show you around and give you all the required paperwork including an Application Form and possible Police Check or Blue Card depending on the area you volunteer in. The last step is to return all completed forms and participate in our Workplace Health & Safety Training held on the first Monday of each month. WHS Training Information

Volunteer Coordinator, Margo Amundsen

Phone: (07) 5625 1900 (Monday * Wednesday * Friday)