Eyes on Bullying

Eyes On Bullying 

Saturdays | 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Ages: 8 to 11

Offered: T.B.A.
Duration: 1 Day a Week over 4 Weeks
Cost: $50.00
Concession: $35.00                                             


Eyes on Bullying is our new four week intensive program that is held on Saturdays. Designed for eight to eleven
year olds, it provides children with the skills to emotionally deal with bullying and provide strategies to reclaim the
self-confidence and power that bullies take away. Children can come and learn how to: distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable behaviours, stand up for themselves and for others, and when to turn to an adult for help.

Contact Us: (07) 5574 6853

Eyes on Bullying Tri-fold Brochure
Eyes on Bullying Information Sheet