Child Parent Relationship Training

Child Parent Relationship Training 

Thursday | 9:30 am to 12:00 pm
Ages: 2 to 5

Offered: Once a term (4 times a year)
Duration: 7 Weeks
Cost: $110.00
Concession: none available
Includes Morning Tea for Parents & Children                                                               

Child Parent Relationship Training is a parent training program to help strengthen the relationship between a parent and child by using half hour playtimes once a week. Play is important to children because it is the most natural way children communicate. Toys are like words for children and play is their language. Children use toys to explore their experiences and express what they think and how they feel. Therefore, parents are taught to have special, structured playtimes with their child using a kit of carefully selected toys. Parents learn how to respond to their child’s feelings emphatically, build their child’s self-esteem, help their child learn self-control and self-responsibility, and set therapeutic limits during these special playtimes.

How Can It Help My Child? 

In special playtimes, you will build a different kind of relationship with your child, and your child will discover that they are capable, important, understood and accepted as they are. When children experience a play relationship in which they feel accepted, understood and cared for, they play out many of their problems and in the process release tensions, feelings and burdens. 

Your child will feel better about themselves and will be able to discover their own strengths and assume greater self-responsibility as they take charge of play situations. How your child feels about themselves will make a significant difference in their behaviour. When your child feels better about themselves, they will behave in more self-enhancing ways rather than self-defeating ways. 

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