Grief & Loss Support

Grief & Loss Support Program

Tuesday * Wednesday * Thursday | 3:45 pm to 5:15 pm
Saturday | 9:45 am to 11:15 am  

Ages: 6 to 11
Offered: Once a term (4 times a year)
Duration: 7 Weeks (1 day per week - 4 options)
Cost: $75.00
Concession: $50.00

All children grieve differently. They may express anger, fear, guilt, repetitive behaviour and sorrow. Paradise Kids knows behavioural problems can result in under performance at school and disruptions in relationships. Paradise Kids helps by supporting the grief and healing process of both children and parents, and by teaching parents how to support their children who are grieving. 

The Grief and Loss program includes a mixture of art activities, storytelling, breath work, stress reduction exercises, meditation, guided visualisations and movement. The program is conducted in an atmosphere of peer support, with professional counsellors overseeing the program and each child supported individually by a trained "buddy" (volunteer).

The sessions are designed to help children tell their stories and express their feelings about the loss in a safe way. Over seven weekly sessions, the children learn to: 

  • Gain an understanding of the event as a loss.  
  • Tell the story to facilitate discussion about the loss. 
  • Grieve the loss and feel the feelings.
  • Physically and creatively express strong feelings including anger, a natural response to loss (in a safe way).
  • Deal with any "unfinished business" around the loss. 
  • Affirm and commemorate the loss, and look forward to the future. 
  • Claim a new sense of self and feel empowered to move on.


Initial Support Interview

Sometimes when families are in crisis they need help immediately. We do Initial Support Interviews twice a week so that parents/carers can discuss their children's needs. This is a small group interview without the children. After discussion with our parent facilitator, the child is placed on a waiting list for the next available group in the following term. They can also have individual grief counselling or can be referred to a professional whilst awaiting child's placement in the Paradise Kids program. Please download and return the completed Program Enquiry Web Form (below) to begin the process of help, or contact us on: (07) 5574 6853  

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