Educational Services

About Our Educational Services

Since Hopewell Hospice Services Inc. began in 1994, education has been an important component of Hopewell’s activities. Our co-founder Rev. Dr Ian Mavor OAM Fellow of the Australian College of Educators and Founder, Deirdre Hanna were dedicated to education in all its integral perspectives and for 20 years studied and applied the integral, transpersonal and transformative philosophy of Ken Wilber into their lives and programs. Ian died in 2015, however his educational legacy continues through our education services.

The Integral theory not only unites different philosophies and worldviews but offers opportunities for different practices, for growth and development and realising one’s potential. Our curriculum while offering factual information on grief theory and palliative care education provides opportunity for personal learning experiences at the same time. There is an emphasis on personal growth through self - reflection and experiential exercises. 

The aim of our education services is threefold:

  • Knowing - referring to the factual data that is provided;
  • Understanding - the factual knowledge then provides a basis for coming to a deeper understanding of what the information means in practice;
  • Reflecting - on the topic being examined through the use of practices and activities designed to encourage reflection.

For all Course and Workshop dates please download and refer to our 2017 Education Calendar.