Exploring Spirituality: Conversations at Hopewell

Exploring Spirituality

First Sunday of the Month | 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
For Anyone Interested in Spiritual Growth and Conversation

Offered: Monthly (except January) 
Location: Hopewell Hospice
Cost: Free - donation collected 

An important part of Hopewell is its Integral perspective. Founded in the Christian tradition and embracing the richness of other spiritual traditions we offer monthly explorations of Spirituality. Our aim is to provide a time of reflection and sharing for those interested in spiritual growth and conversation. Diverse views are welcome and everyone is invited without any need for prior enrolment. Notes are provided to assist discussion of the chosen topic, and for later reading. Copies of the notes will be sent out to members of our mailing list. If you're interested please subscribe to our monthly mailing list, using the form below.