CUA Shows its Support for Raising Resilient Kids

Friday, June 30, 2017

The impact of grief, loss and trauma can severely affect a child’s life, causing further anxiety, behavioural issues, inability to learn and breakdown of friendships. If we don’t help children at the point of impact of trauma, their emotions can spiral out of control creating young adults who are unable to cope with future stresses.

Australia’s largest credit union, CUA, believes in supporting the communities that supports them and the organisation’s Digital Office has contributed $5,000 towards the future of 10 families with children facing grief, loss and trauma.

The donation was gratefully received by Paradise Kids, a Gold Coast Children’s Charity that aims to help heal the heartache. It will be channelled into a seven week grief and loss program where children learn safe ways to deal with their big losses. The program focuses on developing inner-life skills for kids so that they can manage the big and overwhelming emotions associated with trauma and grow into confident, caring, resilient and healthy individuals.
“The direct impact of this generous donation is more than just the 10 kids coming through our program,” said Deidre Hanna, founder of Paradise kids.

“The skills they learn filter through all the relationships within that family circle. We work with the families to support them and at the same time, kids are matched with buddies that can be at their side through the group program.
“It’s been such a powerful tool since we first identified the need in our community over 17 years ago. These days we deal with so much more trauma than previously through the four D’s: Divorce, Drugs, Domestic Violence and Death.”

CUA Chief Digital Officer Sue Coulter said that CUA is committed to working together with their members and communities to achieve a positive social impact, for the mutual good of CUA and the community.  “This initiative is very much aligned to CUA’s purpose of helping members through life changes and challenges. By helping children deal with the impact of trauma, Paradise Kids is giving them the strength that they need to overcome their loss and look towards a brighter future,” Ms Coulter said.

Along with providing financial support, CUA has also offered a volunteer day with their caring staff to work at Paradise Kids.

“The demands on Paradise Kids are huge, with children waiting to get into the program and we need all the help we can get. This includes both financial support like that provided by CUA’s donation and through the generous volunteers offering to give their time,” Ms Hanna said.