Date posted: 2. March 2018

Digital Disruption has the capacity to change the landscape of local businesses overnight as well as open new  markets and depending on their agility and understanding on how to harness this rapidly evolving beast they’ll either sink or thrive.

Date posted: 9. January 2018

Our 2018 Buddy Calendar is now available. Click calendar below to view or download. 

Date posted: 30. December 2017

Our 2018 Groups Program Calendar is now available. Click on the calendar below to view or download.  

Date posted: 23. October 2017

The Paradise Kids Angel Choir is back again this Christmas!

If you are between the ages of  7 and 16, and would like to learn to sing …sign up for our Angel Choir.

Date posted: 6. October 2017

Our Paradise Kids Young Ambassador

Paradise Kids is pleased to announce that Luke Harrison has become our newly appointed Young Ambassador! On the weekend Luke and his beautiful family came by PK to

Date posted: 18. September 2017

A look back at our Spring Fling High Tea

Date posted: 16. August 2017

It's getting warmer...

Date posted: 30. June 2017

The impact of grief, loss and trauma can severely affect a child’s life, causing further anxiety, behavioural issues, inability to learn and breakdown of friendships. If we don’t help children at the point of impact of trauma, their emotions can spiral out of control creating young adults who are unable to cope with future stresses.