Paradise Kids and Wesley Mission Unite!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Wesley Mission Queensland is thrilled to announce it has welcomed Hopewell Hospice and Paradise Kids under its banner of community services. “Hopewell Hospice has a long and proud history providing quality of life care for terminally ill people and their families and we are honoured to contribute to their important work,” Wesley Mission Queensland’s Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Batkin said. 
“Both organisations are based on values of respect, integrity, hope, compassion and empowerment and were established as a response to meet human need through putting the Christian faith into action, so it’s fitting that we combine with a united vision. “As the operational partner for Queensland’s only children’s hospice, Hummingbird House, Wesley Mission Queensland is committed to providing excellent medical, nursing, psychological and spiritual care for Queenslanders with life-limiting conditions,” Mr Batkin said. 
Hopewell Hospice Inc was established by Deirdre Hanna and the late Rev. Dr Ian Mavor (OAM) in 1994 and has become an iconic and valued service on the Gold Coast. “I have such great respect for Rev. Dr Mavor (OAM) and Ms Hanna and the contribution they’ve made to Queensland families in need and we look forward to assisting in Hopewell’s future,” Mr Batkin said. “The staff and volunteers at Hopewell Hospice and Paradise Kids are truly exceptional and it’s a privilege to be working with them and Deirdre to continue to offer quality palliative care in Queensland.” 
The change will officially take place on September 1st 2018 with all staff and volunteers given the opportunity to stay on with the service. Founder Deirdre Hanna will remain working with Hopewell Hospice Inc and Paradise Kids and is thrilled with the organisation’s new direction. “If someone had asked us 25 years ago when we started, where we would want to be in 25 years, I would have said right here with Wesley Mission Queensland,” Ms Hanna said. “Hopewell Hospice and Wesley Mission share similar faith-based values and service delivery and are a wonderful fit.” 

“I’m very grateful to all of our Gold Coast community donors, staff and volunteers who have helped build this charity and I’m so pleased we now have the opportunity to grow and expand our services. I’m very proud of everything Hopewell Hospice and Paradise Kids have achieved and I’m truly excited to be on this journey knowing we will be empowered and enabled to meet so many more people in need.”