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An Inside Story: Lessons from the Rainbow House is a comprehensive seven-week @Home Program based on the Grief & Loss Support Program offered here at Paradise Kids. Created to help the children unable to attend Paradise Kids in person. Our services now can be extended to wherever you live in Australia.

Big Changes, Impact Little Lives

The PK @Home Program is fun and interactive, full of stories and activities designed to help children aged 6 to 11 years navigate grief, loss and life’s big changes. The workbook includes a mixture of story-telling, art activities, breathwork, stress reduction exercises, strong feelings expression techniques and mindfulness to help each child grow through their grief and become resilient in times of future change. 

The @Home Program helps children learn to...

  • understand that change is part of life and that loss is an event.
  • tell their story and accept what has been and what is now.
  • grieve the loss and feel the feelings.
  • creatively and physically express strong feelings including anger, a natural response to loss (in a safe way).
  • deal with any "unfinished business" around the loss. 
  • commemorate the loss, and look forward to their future. 
  • claim a new sense of self and feel empowered to move on.

Exploring Grief & Loss @Home or in the ClassroomPK @Home Program Sample

Ages: 6 to 11
Duration: 7 Weekly Lessons
Formats: Physical Workbook (mailed out by post with two storybooks plus access to online activities)
Online Program (online access to flipbook and video content with an accompany downloadable activity book)
Available: Single User & Small-Group Bundles 

There are seven lessons in the @Home Program. We recommend you allow one to two weeks to complete each lesson and set aside at least one hour each week to complete it. Younger children will require help from an adult (parent or caregiver), their PK @Home Buddy, to read and complete the workbook activities. 

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Prices start at just $25 with discounts available for school and small group bundles. Chat with our friendly team today about how the Paradise Kids @Home Program can help the children in your care. 

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